Nerdy Pandy Recommends: WPForms – Surveys and Polls

Another great feature of WPForms is their Survey and Polls.

Unlike other WordPress forms plugins that create duplicate fields for surveys which is confusing for users, WPForms fully integrated the survey features into their existing form fields.

This means that you don’t have to drop a “Survey Radio Button” field to a form. With a single-click, you can turn any existing form on your website into a survey form.

What happens?

The moment you enable the survey or poll option, all form fields are converted into smart survey fields.

This includes: text field, dropdown field, radio buttons, checkboxes, rating field, etc.

Why is WPForms better that others?

1. Beautiful Visual Reports that You can Customize
2. Retroactively Enable Survey Reports on Older Forms
3. Real-time Polls Report
4. Export / Share Individual Charts
5. Customizable Print Styles

More information here:


Nerdy Pandy Recommends: WPForms – “Distraction Free” Form Landing Pages to Boost Conversions

In the previous post I outlined the benefits of Conversational Forms.

WPForms however has another tactic to increase conversions: Form Landing Pages.

Form Landing Pages decrease distraction for those filling in your forms. They are one-click distraction and clutter-free form i.e. when visitors click, they’ll find themselves on a standalone site (landing page).

They can’t be distracted by the rest of the you site because there’s nothing else to see!

Instead, they’ll be focused on the specific action they need to take: log in, send an enquiry, register for a subscription, fill out a survey, enter a contest, RSVP for an event etc…

You can instantly create a custom landing page for any of your WordPress forms by simply enabling the Form Page Mode from your Form Settings.

Form Pages by WPForms is an exceptional Google Forms alternative for WordPress, and you can use it to create custom landing pages for:

  • Lead Generation
  • Surveys
  • Membership Sites
  • Events

Give Form Pages a try!

Check out the demo here: 

For more information read this article:

Nerdy Pandy Recommends: WPForms – How to create high-converting forms on WordPress

There are many contact forms available out there for WordPress.

Trust me, there’s A LOT. Some good ones, some terrible ones…

A couple of years ago I bought an unlimited licence for WPForms, which I have come to realise is arguably the best form plugin for WordPress out there.

I have used it on my personal websites as well as clients websites with little to no problem with set-up and maintaining the forms. It’s easy to use, reliable and a plethora of great add-ons.

But recently WPForms went one better: they announced the launch of Conversational Forms.

Don’t get me wrong, their standard forms are great! But Conversational Forms flow like you’re having a conversation, and more importantly are higher converting than your typical 10 or 20 answer standard form.

Some of the things that make Conversational forms different from your average form include:

  1. A guided experience: From when the user first lands on the page to when they submit the form, only the current step will be in focus.
  2. A standalone page: The form is displayed on its own page, with no distractions for the person filling in the form.
  3. Multiple navigation options: In standard forms, users will click through fields with a mouse. But in conversational forms, they can fill out the entire form just with their keyboard if they’d like…

And it really is like a conversation… as if you’re talking to a person face-to-face…

Check out the demo here:

How great is that?

Want to learn more? Check out this tutorial: