What has Nerdy Pandy been up to?

We’ve been busy the past few months working on a range of projects:

  1. Building a new website for our clients at Apostolic Films: http://apostolicfilms.com/
  2. Improving SEO for our clients at Construction Advocate: constructionadvocate.com.au/
  3. Adding live chat functionality and improving response time for contact forms for our clients at First Education: http://firsteducation.com.au/
  4. General maintenance for our clients at Kosmos Newspaper: https://kosmosnewspaper.com.au
  5. General advice on web design and CMS options.

This is just a taste of services provided…

Oh and just one more thing:

Websites are no longer a ‘set and forget’ part of your business.

As technology evolves exponentially, website software is constantly being updated to make it more secure, faster and more visible (SEO) to search engines. Just like Microsoft Windows and your iPhone or Android software needs updating, so too does your website.

Your website is a crucial part of your business and so requires extra care to make sure it continues to perform its functions as best as possible.

That is why we offer the Website Care Plan (from $200/month).

This includes general website maintenance and review, 24/7 Uptime Monitoring, Security, Content editing, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Search Engine Optimisation, WordPress & Plugin Updates, Premium Plugins and Speed Optimisation.

In a couple of words, keeping your website optimised, up-to-date, secure and fast.

Contact Nerdy Pandy today for help on your website.


New Project: Orthodox Christian Book Reviews

Check out our latest project https://orthodoxbookreviews.net.

This is a personal project created using the WordPress 2017 theme.

This website is a simple blog using WordPress.com (not to be confused with self-hosted WordPress.org. See here for a detailed explanation of the difference).

If you don’t want the fuss of finding your own hosting and just want a simple blog WordPress.com might be your ideal solution.

Check out  and choose between the free, personal, premium and business plans on WordPress.com.

New Project: Nerdy Pandy website

Check out our own website https://nerdypandy.com/ to view our latest projects, pricing, testimonials and some insights into the web design process. You can fill in a form on the contact page or simply email pandeli@nerdypandy.com to express your interest.

We work with any content management system (WordPress, Wix etc) that your current website uses. Or we can create a new one from scratch.

Maybe you want to set up an online store or have an app idea but your budget and time are limited. Contact us today to see how WE can help YOU achieve your goals.

At Nerdy Pandy we don’t just build websites, we build businesses.